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Why Taking In-Person Massage Classes Is a Great Investment

Massage therapy is a very in-depth, personal field where therapists are often engaged over the standard eight-hour day in order to continue to meet the needs of their clients. Very often, these seasoned professionals will find they are struggling to feel energized about their work after just a few years in the field; they are, after all, working intensively with people in an effort to make them feel better. Because of the time investment involved with the actual profession, there are those massage therapists who may not have time to do little more than extra research online or in textbooks in their chosen fields. There are, however, great benefits involved in taking in-person massage continuing education classes that textbooks do not talk about, and these need to be considered.

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There are several different methods involved in massage therapy that are adopted throughout the world. If a massage therapist is looking to re-energize his or her practice, or there is a physical therapist looking for new techniques or methods to practice on patients, it is necessary that these in-person massage classes be invested in. In addition to being great learning experiences, they may offer additional insight into the proven techniques that have worked around the world, providing relief to those who need it and inspiration to those who practice massage therapy. These in-person massage classes allow attendees to understand the benefits of these different types of therapy and become rejuvenated about the work they themselves.

While money may be tight for many who practice various forms of massage therapy, it’s important to realize that attending in-person massage classes is a valuable form of professional and personal development that is a sound investment. It can rejuvenate interest in the field for those who practice the art of massage, and introduce practitioners to different methods in addition to re-inspiring them to take their practice further. Enthusiasm sparks interest, and by attending massage classes in person, practitioners can quite easily draw new clients to their burgeoning practices.


Stephanie (Sheila) Shrum presents fun and creative massage continuing education classes in Ashland, Bend & Meford, OR.  See Massage Classes page for more information.


  1. Melissa
    April 5, 2016 at 8:44 pm Reply

    Good advice Stephanie! 🙂 I personally like the classes. I learn better by visually watching. Text books were harder to learn from. There is more value in live classes. You get hands on learning which is more valuable than an online course or book ! 🙂

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