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Ashland Massage Therapy - Stephanie ShrumCo-Creative Bodywork

A co-creative bodywork session begins by acknowledging that any  healing comes from within the person “receiving” the session. My role as a healing helper is to bring consciousness and awareness to the receiver and to help remind the body how to heal itself.

I use many skills to help bring awareness to my clients. My work is hands-on, blending primarily deep tissue massage, rocking, acupressure, sports massage, CranioSacral, fascia release, visceral work, and Thai massage.

Most of my sessions are performed on a massage table. However, occasionally I do sessions on a massage mat, either by request or because I am intuitively guided to work with you at ground level.

My work is also unique because of its timeless nature. Unlike many massage therapy sessions in the United States, I do not book my sessions in specific time increments (such as hour, half hour, etc.). Instead, I offer sessions that last an “hour and half plus.” Most massages tend to run between 1.5 and 1.75 hours. Working at this pace allows us to talk before your session begins and gives you the time to get up from your massage without feeling rushed.

(If time or finances prohibit a full session, Stephanie does offer partial session at her Klamath Falls location.  )

I have been a client of Stephanie Shrum’s for the last five years. The bodywork I have experienced with her has been profound and transformational. Stephanie integrates a depth of training, skills, and knowledge of massage therapy, cultivated through study and practice across the globe, with a rare and powerful, intuitive gift that enables her to tailor each session to the individual’s holistic needs. I admire her integrity, her passion for healing, her hunger to keep learning and expanding. She is a stellar massage therapist.

Sean Johnson

Yoga Teacher and Musician – Founder, Wild Lotus Yoga, New Orleans

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