Advanced Bodywork Mentorship & Classes

Advanced Bodywork Series

Over the past 19 years, I have been blessed to study massage and bodywork all over the globe. I see the techniques I learned and the experience I gained like exotic seeds that I collected and brought home to plant. The ‘seeds’ have grown into a plentiful garden that has served my own professional satisfaction and that of my clients for many years.

It is with much pleasure that I share some of these exotic seeds with my fellow massage therapists by offering an Advanced Bodywork Mentorship program.

The Advanced Bodywork Series is designed for both new massage therapists and seasoned therapists. Depending on your reasons for being in the class, it could be part continuing education, part mentorship, part practice rejuvenation, and part self care.

What I would like to provide for you in the Advanced Bodywork Series:

*  Help you draw out your hidden or underdeveloped gifts.

*  By bringing out your unique gifts, help you establish a practice that sets you apart from most massage therapists.

*  Encourage your own creativity and willingness to ‘not know’ in sessions.

*  Template how to create an ‘in the moment’ session by offering classes created in the moment.

*  Bring your focus to taking great care of your own body as a practitioner.  I will show you how to be more kind to your body while working on/with others.

*  Provide a safe circle to talk about challenges in practice, in a supportive, solution-creating environment.

*  Create a regular gathering where you will not only learn, but also receive good bodywork.

*  Give opportunities to work on business brainstorming – visioning your practice, marketing, creating goals for yourself – this may take place inside or outside class time.

*  Take the foundations that you learned as a massage therapist in school and expand them beyond concepts, so you can play more three dimensionally with the body.

*  If you are in the habit (or rut) of doing a routine, I will invite you outside of your comfort zone to try new things.

*  Attending monthly gatherings to give you a constant stream of new things to play with and offer clients as a massage therapist.

*  Techniques taught in class will be filmed and you will receive a personal video link on the internet. This way, you can be fully present in the class, without feeling the need to take copious notes because you know you will have an animated review tool available for you any time.

Here is an example of a video taken at a customized advanced bodywork class.  

If you are an established practitioner, you would find this program helpful if:

*  You love massage, but have found that you keep doing the same things and are in need of some rejuvenation.

*  Your years of work are starting to take a toll physically and you would like an outside eye to help give you some ways of working that are kinder to your body.

*  You like learning new things, but many of the CE classes offered locally are similar to what you have experienced before and you would like to learn from someone who has studied all over the world (Click Here for a resume of my massage education).

*  You want to learn in a smaller, more intimate and personal environment.

*  You have gotten out of balance and haven’t been giving yourself enough self-care time and it would be great to get together with and play with other bodyworkers every month.


$60 per 3 Hour Class (maximum six people per class)

You may pay $60 each week or take advantage of the following specials:

–  Pay for 5 classes upfront ($300) – get a private 45 minute consultation. This can be used for visioning help, private tutoring, or bringing in a client for addressing specific symptoms.

–  Pay for 10 classes upfront ($600) – receive a full “1.5 Hour Plus” Massage & Bodywork Session with Stephanie.


About Once a Month for 3 Hours (dates are set based on participants needs)

You will receive 3 CE Hours for each evening attended. Classes in program are NCBTMB approved and valid for OR licensure contact hours.


In order to maintain a consistent and progressive learning environment, ideally I would like participants to attend every class. I understand that this may not always be possible, so you are expected to attend 80% of the classes at minimum.

I aspire to have this be an on-going program, that is available season after season. I would like participants to commit to attending at least five classes, and you can continue further if you desire.

Getting Together Personally:

Since these classes are smaller and more intimate, I would love to meet with anyone interested in the program. I welcome phone conversations or having you over to my studio for tea to see if we are a match for learning and exploring together.

I look forward to connecting with you!

 – Stephanie


“Stephanie’s classes proves that even after 30 years as a practitioner there is always something new to learn.  Without any doubt this is the best series of classes I have had the privilege to participate in.  Her delightful personality and personal anecdotes around her trips are priceless additions to her very effective teaching style.  If you want to learn more, she is the one to study with.”  

Vernon Smith, PhD.

Founder, Blue Cliff School of Therapeutic Massage

Possible Class Topics We Will Explore:

          • Co-Creative Deep Tissue
          • Structural Integration
          • Developing Your Intuition
          • Working with Challenging Clients
          • Thai Massage (for table or floor or both)
          • Thai Massage mixed with Muscle Energy Techniques
          • Massage Cupping
          • Creative Marketing
          • Myofascial Therapy
          • TMJ Techniques
          • Advanced Neck Massage Work
          • Advanced Shoulder Work
          • Advanced Hip Massage
          • Muscle Energy and Myofascial Techniques for the Back
          • Using Body Weight Effectively
          • Working Smarter, not Harder
          • Esalen-style Massage
          • Side-lying Massage
          • Advance Hand & Forearm Massage
          • and more…..


        • These massage continuing education classes will be presented in Klamath Falls, OR