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About My Work

One of the greatest gifts I feel I bring to my massage and energy work sessions is my deep sense of presence. My intuition is one of my strongest gifts, and I use this intuition to guide my sessions. I come to the massage table or mat knowing that you are a different person then when you last visited me. Because of this, each time my sessions can be quite diverse: massage session may be very active and dynamic, while the next, may be deeply peaceful or a combination of both. This ability to meet someone as they are, in the moment, keeps my massage work fresh and exciting, both for me as a therapist and also for you as the client.

Although I begin each session without attachment to the results, I am impassioned by transformative types of massage therapy, bodywork and healing. Transformations can take place in the form of pain relief or disappearing symptoms, structural changes, or simply a shift to an overall sense of well being.

Stephanie is an amazing bodyworker. She knows just where to apply pressure, and how to touch and release tension for me in ways that are totally unique to her massage work. I feel very held, supported, and challenged to be fully present. Stephanie’s presence, her spirit, and her techniques are an extraordinary gift.

Licensed Psychologist, Boulder, CO