Frequently Asked Questions

What does ‘hour and a half plus’ mean for your massage sessions?

In my experience, the body does not turn its own healing mechanisms on and off to fit one’s schedule.  Sometimes a certain release requires a bit of patience. Alternatively, coming to a graceful closure in a timely manner can sometimes be more therapeutic than overworking the body just because “the clock is still ticking.”  My massage therapy sessions normally allow at least 1.5 hours of hands-on work and may sometimes last up to 2 hours, when indicated.  Please schedule a little over 2 hours of free time when booking your massage session, so you do not feel rushed afterwards.

How does your ‘sliding scale rate’ work?

Ultimately, I offer a sliding scale rate because I like being able to offer my services to people of different walks of life.  What you offer me is up to you.  If you are a returning client, you can offer anywhere between $120 and $150 for your massage.  For me, what you choose to offer does not signify how much you value our time together.  Money is often like the the tides of the ocean – sometimes they’re high, and other times they’re low.  If you are having a low-tide-moment (or lifestyle), please take advantage of the $120 end of my scale.  If your tide is high and you wish to share with me more of the ‘water’ you have in your life, I am grateful to accept.

What are your policies regarding draping during massage?

I use drape when doing massage therapy and bodywork, both because it is required by law, and because I feel most comfortable working that way.  For those of you who don’t like “being wrapped up like a mummy,” there is no need to worry.  After over a fifteen years of professional experience, I can move the sheet around with grace and ease without distracting you from your session.

  • If you are a prospective client who specifically wishes to receive a massage without drape, please seek an alternate massage therapist. I am not the practitioner for you.
  • For clients who are more modest, you are welcome to remain fully clothed for your massage or keep on your undergarments.
  • If you would like to receive a classic Thai massage on the mat, I recommend that you remain fully clothed, wearing loose or stretchy clothing.

You perform a variety of massage techniques. Which style should I choose for my session?

I have many massage techniques because I am passionate about learning, and I love having lots to tools to draw upon.  Ultimately, you DO NOT need to choose.  Just come for your massage session, and based on what you say, what your body communicates to me physically, and what my intuition tells me, I can create a custom massage or bodywork session for you that fits your specific needs that day.

Most of my sessions are done on a massage table. However, periodically I offer work done on a massage mat on the floor.

Can you explain the noises you sometimes make during the the session?

During sessions, you will find that I might moan or groan or seem to be talking with your body without words.  It may seem different than a silent massage, but soon you will find that the sounds often correspond to areas that feel more tight or tender.  Although strange at first, many people find my sounds comforting because they can tell that I feel what is going on in their body.  It is part of my expression as an empath.

A more unusual sound that you may experience is what I call an “energy burp.”  Distinct from digestion burps, energy burps are a way my system clears any excess energy that may be moving through my body.  Although a bit unusual, and not necessarily something I have been taught to do, this way of clearing energy has existed in indigenous medicine people for centuries and there are other modern day healers who also clear this way.  These energy burps are rare during my therapeutic massages.

What is your cancellation policy?

  • I require 24 notice to cancel or change your massage appointment so that I may make room for other clients.
  • Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice need to be done via phone call.
  • I reserve the right to charge you for any missed appointments.
  • Emergencies may be considered on a case by case basis.